Will big TV survive in the NBN world

Over the years we have seen many technology changes – VHS versus Beta, CDs, DVDs, then Blu-ray discs and now cloud-hosted storage. Other device changes have been AM/FM radio now moving to digital radio, analogue to digital TV, cable TV into satellite TV and perhaps IPTV. Some survived and some have moved into history.

What we are seeing is the devices moving ahead to suit the changing technology times. Often the medium is remaining. The big broadcasting FTA suppliers do not need to look far as they already have an ‘over the air’ method of delivery, but the technology of access is where the changes are now occurring. We have WiFi, mobile networks – 3G and 4G and the internet. The NBN is now bringing faster speeds into our lives also using several methods of delivery.

Slowly but steadily others are moving into this broadcasting-viewing arena. IPTV is now being offered by telcos and the ISPs and uptake is increasing.

FetchTV has reached the 50,000 subscriber mark and it looks like that that service is now finally gaining momentum. It is not yet challenging the market leader Telstra with several hundred thousand devices in use, but it certainly now moving into that direction.

The popularity of the Quickflix service is also rapidly increasing. By mid-2012, Quickflix paying customers increased by just under 60% year-on-year.

Even subscription TV wants its bigger share of the viewers. FOXTEL aims to increase its penetration to 50%. But by end-2012 household STV penetration is still only around 30% while population penetration is around 34%. It big TV wants its piece of the pie, now is the time to make the move into the connected world as the others are making the move and are planning to get there ahead of the rest.


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