Myanmar sees the entry of a fourth Mobile Operator

There has been a significant change to the telecom landscape over the past few years. This began with the entry of two foreign operators joining the former monopoly operator, Myanmar Post and Telecommunications (MPT).

In 2017 they were joined by Myanmar National Tele & Communications (MNTC). MNTC will operate under the ‘Mytel’ brand name and make use of existing telecoms infrastructure currently owned or used by sister company MECTel.

Myanmar remains one of the last underdeveloped telecommunication markets in Asia, however this gap is being bridged quickly with a focus on mobile services and exploding growth in that sector. Mynanmar’s mobile market has experienced very rapid growth from 2013 to 2017, driven by the entry of three new competitors in the market. This has dramatically increased market competition. As the market is close to reaching maturity, a significant slowdown in growth is predicted over the next five years to 2022.

The fixed broadband market remains highly underdeveloped, mainly due to the dominance of the mobile platform and an unwillingness by operators to invest in fixed broadband infrastructure.

Mobile broadband has experienced very strong growth over the past few years, driven by rapid growth in the mobile sector. Strong growth is predicted over the next five years however at a slower rate due to increasing maturity in the market. The limited footprint of the nation’s fixed line networks and the limited access to PCs has kept fixed broadband penetration low, but created huge demand for data services on smartphones.

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