Big Data still a hot topic

The management, storage and analysis of Big Data has been a hot topic over the past year or so and in 2013 the interest in this topis unabated. The continuing development of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions will increase the amount of data being generated along with the enormous amount of data produced by users including texting, social media commentary, videos and photographs etc.

Business organisations in particular, are beginning to realise the commercial benefits in storing and managing this data. There is also growing interest in analysing and mining this extra information, often referred to as “unstructured” data. By better managing Big Data, business may improve overall processes and efficiencies; identify hidden costs and improve customer management and relationship building (ie. Targeted advertising and marketing).

For this reason, data generated by social networks, unified communications, text messaging, IM etc are considered to be of benefit to future Big Data developments and solution providers are beginning to consider Big Data as a part of Unified Communications.

For related information, see separate report: Global Telecoms – M2M and Big Data – Key Global Trends.

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