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PhoneAway – January 1997

Wednesday, January 1st, 1997

Launched in 1996, Telstra’s PhoneAway is a prepaid calling card which can be used from almost anywhere. It works from virtually any phone in Australia and from over forty other countries. Great for travellers, allowing them to collect messages through personalized Voicemail.

PhoneAway allows customers to talk as long as they like, adding more call time to their card as they go. Value can be added to their card using Telstra’s recharge and Credit Card Refresh service, ensuring they never run out of talk time. Another option is the Fax Messaging on the customers personal mailbox number. Customers can also use it to budget phone calls from home, it does not show up on an account as all calls are prepaid.

Local untimed calls are 49 cents, STD cost 21 cents per minute from anywhere to anywhere in Australia (plus a 49c verification fee) and international rates apply if calling into Australia from overseas (plus a 49c verification fee).

Customers cannot make calls with PhoneAway to Freecall 1800 numbers, 190, 13 numbers, Public CreditPhone calls and Operator Assisted calls.

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